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Anon Aadhaar Signal

Signal is a commitment feature that enables users to securely commit to a value, such as their Ethereum address, during proof generation. This mechanism is primarily designed to mitigate on-chain front-running by concealing the commitment until the transaction is processed. Additionally, it facilitates transaction signing in ERC-4337 integrations, enhancing security and integrity in blockchain interactions.

It will be set to 1 by default in the SDK.

When using @anon-aadhaar/react, you can pass a custom value to the LogInWithAnonAadhaar component:

import { LogInWithAnonAadhaar } from "@anon-aadhaar/react";

return <LogInWithAnonAadhaar signal={"any signal value"} />;

When using @anon-aadhaar/core, you can pass a custom value to the generateArgs function:

import { init, prove, InitArgs, artifactUrls } from "@anon-aadhaar/core";

// Change prod to test if you want to verify the test Aadhaar data
const anonAadhaarInitArgs: InitArgs = {
isWebEnv: true,

// Initialize the core package
await init(anonAadhaarInitArgs);

const nullifierSeed = 1234;

// QRData: the string read from the QR code
// certificate: x509 certificate containing the public key
// it can be downloaded from:
const args = await generateArgs({
signal: "any signal value",

const anonAadhaarCore = await prove(args);